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Unfortunately, some patients have a phobia of dental procedures that cannot be driven away by any amount of care & reassurance.

Conscious sedation is a form of anxiety control which makes treatment more pleasant for the patient. It is effective, predictable & very safe & is the modern alternative to general anaesthesia for most dental procedures. Where general anaesthesia was used in the past, progressive dentists now use conscious sedation.

Intravenous sedation is the most commonly used form of sedation in adults. Your dental surgeon will advise you if another technique is appropriate. Conscious sedation will make you feel sleepy & relaxed. Most patients can remember little or nothing of the procedure, but it does not affect any part of your memory before the drug is given.

Dental care with sedation
Dental Care with Intravenous Anaesthesia. Our goal is to provide dental care without fear, pain, or anxiety for our patients. We use a wide range of techniques to provide the most comfortable dental care possible. Many patients have found that dental care with intravenous or general anesthesia may be the most comfortable & relaxing solution to their dental problem.

Treatments under sedation

What Kind of Dental Services is Available Under Intravenous Sedation?
All phases of quality dental care can be performed under intravenous sedation. We generally stress saving natural teeth. Cosmetic dental care is emphasized as well. Patients who feel good about their smiles feel good about themselves. We can use sedation techniques for any level of dental treatment from simple hygiene treatment to more advanced surgical procedures.

Nitrous oxide sedation
Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Conscious Sedation) nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a pain relieving & sedating gas that is combined with oxygen to make patients more comfortable during dental care. A light tingling feeling is often experienced by patients as well as an altered sense of time. Patients often listen to relaxing music during nitrous oxide sedation. Some patients love the feeling & feel very comfortable, others require something more tranquilizing. In general, patients who have had traumatic dental or life experiences that leave a lifelong memory, will be more comfortable with something that will relax them more than nitrous oxide alone.

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